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PT. Indo Bintang Mandiri are the first asbestos free after market brakes manufacture in Indonesia.

Established on 2016, PT. Indo Bintang Mandiri are the first asbestos free brakes after market manufacture in Indonesia. PT. Indo Bintang Mandiri produce many type of brakes, for motorcycle, automobile, heavy duty (bus and truck) and railway brakes. PT. Indo Bintang Mandiri located in Delta Silicon 3 industrial area, Soka street Block F-20, number 8B-5, Cikarang. Our product use asbestos free material and eco-friendly. Produce with high quality material (such as: Aramyd, Polyacrylnitril, Celluloce, Rockwool (Lapinus), Steel Fiber, Fiber Glass, Graphite, Carbon, Resin, Etc), PT. Indo Bintang Mandiri brakes have excellent performance when it used on vehicle. Good brake performance on any temperature, soft pedal feel, without noise/squeak, low dust excess and high durability without harm the rotor/drums are the excellence of PT. Indo Bintang Mandiri product. PT. Indo Bintang Mandiri is a company that uses domestic production machines that are designed and made in Indonesia, experienced experts in the field of brake and technology with Japanese equivalent.


To be the number one asbestos free after market brake manufacture


1. Empowering the workforce in the country to compete with international products.

2. Prioritizes quality and precision because the brake is a safety part in a vehicle

3. Prioritize customer satisfaction through on time delivery with maintained quality

4. Innovate and perform continuous improvement of the development of the brake following the development of vehicles

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